Monday, February 23, 2009

Flower Hair Elastics

My crocheted flowers now became hair elastics. Each flower has beads inside. They are tiny little thing, but I dedicated a long time to each one of them to make them have details. They are available in multiple color such as pink, purple, white, and many more.
Please visit Here(Flikr:Handmade) to see more pictures.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Origami Earrings

Origami means "paper folding" in Japanese. The crane is one of the most well-known origami figures. It's said that 1000 cranes make a wish come true. 1000 cranes are givien to sick people in order to wish them a fast recovery. The forlded crane is also a symbol for peace.

My origami earrings are available in a Saint John City Market as well as through online. They are perfect accessories for your kimono, any Western clothing as well.. I use 1.47'' × 1.47'' square origami paper to make tiny crane, balloon, and bunny. As a crane, the paper is folded eighteen times for these special earrings. The origami figures are varnished to make them water-resistant and more durable.

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Happy Valentine's Day

How was your Valentine? I was off my work that day and my boyfriend was supposed to work, but he got sick and took his day off. So we couldn't do a whole lots, but at least we were together. He spent most of the morning in a bed, but I put a book on the left side of the couch where he usually sits on as a Valentine's gift. The book is called ''BJ PENN Mixed Martial Arts The Book Of Knowledge'' since he is so into MMA and he also does it. He totally didn't look good, but he came to the living room and found this book and smiled. This is our 4th Valentine, we are happy to be together...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We seem to have lots of snow this year or maybe we just feel so because this is our first year own the house and we have to shovel snow in a driveway every time it snows. Since I came to Canada, I have been making snowman every winter and I thought I have to do that again this year, but snow is either too hard or too flaffy to make snowman. Then Derek goes, ''Why don't we make igloo?'' I said ''Igloo? How? Wow! Can we do that??'' We piled up snow in the same spot and made it bigger and bigger, and then waited a day to make sure it's hard enough to start digging a hole. We did well!! It's tall enough for me to sit down and deep enough to lay down. I've heard inside of the igloo is warm, and it was right!! Winter activity like this make winter go fast. We are going back to work again to make this igloo even bigger...
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