Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Bobbles

I'm working on crochet hats for baby age one to three. I call them ''Baby Bobbles''. Bobble is a one of techniques in crochet, and a bobble is a localized set of stitches forming a raised bump which you can see in this picture. I have been making these hats with different color. Usually white base, and this one in this picture I used light blue and light green.

Please visit HERE to see more Baby Bobbles!!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Smelt Nanban

Once in a while, or maybe more I do crave a Japanese food. One day I really craved fish, specially row fish, so I went market to look for fresh Atlantic Salmon. I love Atlantic Salmon. They have kinda sweet taste in it and melt in your mouth. And then fish that something look familiar caught in my eyes. It's smelt!! I didn't know I can get smelt in Canada, but Derek told me that people go ice fishing and can get smelt this time of season. I didn't know if Derek is going to like it, but I made it anyways.

First, slice carrot, cucumber and onion as shown and mix them up and add vineger and suger and little bit salt. Then put flour on the smelt and fried them in a pan. Now enjoy eating smelt and seasoned vegitable together.

This smelt nanban reminds me of family supper time in Japan. My mom used to make this and we loved it.
I really can't wait to go back home.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost there? Not quite yet...

It's been a while... I have been a sick for about two weeks. As usual, Derek got a cold first and then cold comes to me next. It's so hard to prevent from catching a cold in this time of the season even though you try not to. My crazy stuffed nose bugged me so much and finally caused a ear infection. Now I feel like my body is drugged up from taking anti-biotics and even smell this pill all the time somewhere from my body. But I'm getting so much better. Health is always No.1!!
So now except working day, I have been taking easy at home. Specially in the morning, I bring couch to the dining area where I can get some fresh air and sunshine through the bay windows, and just lay down on it and think nothing. Then I started working on my winter project again. I made this piece in this picture which took me over a hour to finish. It's less than ten pieces to go, then I'm gonna stich them together. I still can't tell you what it's gonna be like... Wait and see...