Sunday, June 27, 2010


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How was your weekend?
I got a lots of things done this weekend and now I'm enjoying rest of this Sunday night having a cup of tea.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cruise Ship, June 23

I can't remember exactly how many, but we already had some cruise ships come in Saint John. It's a picture of the one we had this week, June 23rd. On the way to Loyalist Plaza at this morning, I saw heavy fog covering on the bay of Fundy and I thought ''Oh, it's going to be an another foggy day of Saint John.'' But right after I passed the bridge and all I saw was clear blue sky. Our weather in Saint John is so unpredictable. I hope we have good weather througout the summer.

Here are some pictures of Uptown Saint John I took during that day.

And here is one of my customers I had. She really looked nice with my hat!!
Tomorrow, I am going to walk around the uptown and do some photoshooting with my friend.
Have a nice weekend to all and I'll be back at Loyalist Plaza next Wednesday.

Dragonfly Pins

Beaded dragonfly pins I just made are now available at Loyalist Plaza!! They shine under the sun. The size of these dragonflies are almost the same saze as actual ones.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cruise Ship 2010

I am back in Loyalist Plaza. Cruise ship started coming in Saint John again this summer and I'll be at Loyalist Plaza market on every cruise ship day. This is my fifth year in Plaza, and you can find me by the big moose statue. Products I have are all handmade by me. We don't sell commercial products here in plaza. Everything is proudly locally handmade by each vendors.
Come see us in Loyalist Plaza!!

This is what I offer...
Crochet toques
Flower Pins

Neck Warmers
Origami Ornaments
Origami Earrings

Beads Earrings
Japanese Calligraphy
and more

These are also available through order by email, craft shows I go to, Saint John City Market (Origami Earrings Only), Online shop Etsy.

I hope tourists from cruise ship have wonderful time staying in Saint John.