Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After Christmas

Right after Christmas we had snow... a lots!! Everything is covered with snow and quite pretty. It's cold, but I don't mind. We all got outside and shoveled snow crazy in the driveway and meantime Chester was running around in the snow. He loves snow and he also loves to eat snow, haha!!

So after shoveling snow, I decided to make snowman and small igloo for Chester next to each other. Snow was so sticky and really easy to work with. As I rolled the chunk of snow, it just gets bigger and bigger. I put three ball together and put a couple of buttons for his eyes, carrot for his nose, and piece of yarn for his mouth. Chester must have been unsure about this snowman and igloo, he barked at them and tried to destroy. It's has been a few days and my snowman is still alive even though it looks like little bit tilted. Let's hope he stays long...

We are still enjoying warmness of Christmas.
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My First Tutu!

I have been soooooo busy with working on stocks for craft shows in November and early December. House was mess and I was physically so tired everyday. Now all Christmas craft shows are done, I'm back to regular job and I am able to do stuff. Off course I cleaned my house first and felt so good. Then I moved on to things I wanted to do including this tutu. (You know you love to create stuff, you wanna make this and this and this... but you don't have time to do all at once!)

All right, this is my first tutu!! I can't remember when, but girl I used to work with asked me if I can make tutu for her daughter. I was so excited for new creation, but I didn't have time back then. Recently I remeberd again and got tulle from fabric store and just made it! Making tutu was so much fun! I love the texture of it and love the color. Hope little girl enjoys my tutu. I'm pretty sure she will be so cute with it. After all, I fell in love with tulle and got more tulle today and thinking about another new creation. So stay tune!!


Merry Christmas

It's little late, but Merry Christmas to all!! I hope everybody had a great Christmas. My Christmas was pretty good even though there was no snow, clear sky and it didn't feel like a Christmas... Unfortunately Derek had to work on Christmas day. But he was given to Christmas dinner from his company and I was also invited. So we met up at on his break and went to Delta Hotel for the dinner. We had Cesar salad, Seafood chowder, Prime rib, and Dessert which I picked chef's samples of chocolate and he picked apple pie. Everything's delicious and we were stuffed. We opened Christmas present on Christmas Eve and our Christmas was nothing special this year, but it was nice for me to have break and I was doing easy at home with Chester (Our dog).

Here is our Christmas Home 2010. I put Christmas tree up late this year, so I think I'm gonna still enjoy Christmas tree and decorations for a while...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turner's Christmas Show at Coliseum

It was really nice meeting you all that came to my booth (640) and shop at Turner's Christmas Show. It was my first try doing this show and also whole new experience for me. People I met were all very nice and I'm very glad that everybody liked my creations. I'm pretty sure I'm coming back next year with new products and looking forward to seeing you again.